Folding doors dubai

Folding doors Dubai is a aluminum framed system where doors are united with hings and top mechanism so as pulling the first door will lead the others together.
The doors are applied into track rail which is fixed on top and slide using special rollers that provide smooth and quiet movement. No further use of extra floor necessary, while door track rail is stability is achieved with the use of either safely locks or floor lathes.

folding doors dubai
folding doors dubai

Standard :
Door / Shutter width up to 70 to 75 cm and Height up to 280 to 300 cm
Heavy Duty :
Door / Shutter width up to 70 to 75 cm and Height up to 380 to 400 cm
Aluminum Profile:
Standard anodized aluminum profile
Powder coat any RAL color
Non thermal profile
Single Glazed 10 or 12 mm thick
Double Glazed 22 mm thick (6+10+6mm) Clear, Reflected or Tinted
Top Wheel and Bottom Guide
Bottom Wheel and Top Guide

The size of each door varies and can reach up to 70 cm to 75 cm wide and up to 400 cm height. On top and Bottom glass doors are equipped with aluminum Profile . According to the glass holding patent system Sealing between the doors is achieved with Transparent poly carbonate or aluminum profiles That bear synthetic insulating brush. All top and Bottom aluminum profiles are equipped with the same brush in order to satisfactory seal the minor gaps.
Aadco 135  is Framed folding doors mechanism  is a simple and functional system,ideal for small openings such as shop windows,room partitions and many others applications always custom to your needs,creats a perfact result capable for many solutions.

 1 TOP AND BOTTOM FIXINGTop Profile folding doors dubai

bottom profile of Fodling doors dubai
bottom profile of Folding doors dubai


Every bespoke Aadco Bi-fold door is designed and manufactured at our impressive state-of-the-art facility. Exceptional care is taken in designing our doors for durability and long-term performance. Only ultra high quality components, specially designed by us, are used in an Aadco Bi-fold door. Every one of our skilled craftsmen takes pride in creating the best folding sliding doors money can buy. Each bespoke door set comes with a unique serial number that guarantees the doors at the property for five years – a guarantee that will make you confident you’re buying the best. And in the unlikely event of any problems, our expert customer support teams are on hand to help. So embrace your new lifestyle with the solid reassurance .

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Aadco Bi-fold doors‘ beautiful aesthetics, superior engineering and premium quality are only part of their attraction.
Now use your imagination..
Imagine living spaces transformed by having no barriers between inside and outside, with gorgeous natural light illuminating your life. Nothing releases the potential of your home quite like Aadco Bi-fold doors.
Opening your doors makes relaxation more rewarding and entertaining more dramatic. Close them, and they’ll keep your home at a comfortable temperature – even at the height of summer.
And with uncompromising attention to detail, Aadco is an investment you can rely on to bring beauty and comfort to your home for years to come.

3 types of folding doors dubai

Aadco Bi-fold handles just do it so much better. The handles of your Bi-fold doors are its primary point of human contact. They must blend reliable functionality with tasteful aesthetics and real -world ergonomics. When you hold them, they must communicate safety and robustness.
That’s why our handles are given the same attention to detail as every other component. Whether you choose premium stainless steel or colour co-ordinated ones, you can be assured of a contemporary handle which offers the same faultless service as the doors themselves.

Top Profile  folding doors
Top Profile
Bottom profile of Fodling doors
Bottom Profile
Side profile of folding doors
Side profile
Shutter profile of folding doors
Shutter profile