Double Glazed Frame less


Our best-selling product, the frameless double-glazed glass door system, can be used for a variety of domestic and commercial applications. It is a great alternative to the traditional bulky aluminum and upvc door systems. Widely used as a patio door of a house, it offers completely transparent glass views, together with the advantage that the user can retreat completely at will. For easy handling, each frameless door is equipped with a standard access door. For daily tasks such as entering or leaving your garden, you can simply use the access door. If you feel you want to open the door completely, just remove the individual panels, which can be done in minutes. We design, manufacture and install all our folding glass doors in seconds. All our glass patio doors are fully adapted to the exact dimensions of their opening.
In 2003, we developed one of the original aluminum door systems and since then we have designed and tested several door systems to be at the forefront of glass door technology. In 2009, we developed the folding glass door, which consists of large glass panels and an exclusive compression locking system for greater safety and protection against the weather. In the industry it is well known that customers are demanding large glass doors for greater visibility and a modern look, which is why our new and innovative range has been developed for exterior glass doors.

Thermal efficiency and climate protection

All our double-glazed glass doors use our exclusive weather protection and closure systems. This gives us a thermal efficiency (U value) that can drop to 1.2 watts per square meter. Glass has a much higher thermal efficiency than aluminum, so we can achieve such a low value. This means that our glass doors can be used throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.

How do they work?

Each plate is held in place by the thermally separated lower and upper aluminum rails. The first step for opening the frameless glass door is opening the access door, so that it is on one side of the lane at a 45 degree angle. The next panel can slide along the rail to hit the access panel and then open at a 45 degree angle. The same procedure is followed for all other panels until each panel is on one side of the door system, with each panel stacked at a 45 degree angle. Its glass door is now completely open, as if it had never existed!
With our leading weather protection system, our doors support a variety of weather conditions and, therefore, are suitable for high temperatures in the UAE. They are 100% waterproof and offer you a full manufacturer’s warranty. The use of our frameless door resembles a Faltschiebetürsystem, but can not be compared, because they depend on thick and bulky frame, to support each plate.